In Memory

James Harrison

James Curtis Harrison, 80, died Monday, March 21, 2005 at St Peters Hospital, surrounded by his family. He was a much loved man, who lived and died with dignity. He is survived by his wife of 50 years Frances, his daughters, Gena VanDyke, Laura Lundin, Diane Holt, and Andrea Cole. He also had 8 grandchildren and two sons in law, on whose life he made a life changing impact, all of us are better people for living life with this man. Jim spent his life in careers that helped others, as an air force navigator, and then as a high school math teacher at Peninsula high school, Gig Harbor. He enjoyed his retirement keeping busy first with a series of yachts, and later gourmet cooking and playing bridge. The family would like to thank the doctors and nurses at St Peters critical care unit for their outstanding care. We would especially like to thank Dr. Seth Thaler, Jim's long time nephrologist, who went above and beyond the acceptable standard of care, to a level rarely seen, and made possible all of Jims wishes. He is a true hero. We would ask that anyone reading this would please consider being an organ donor, while Jim was not a candidate for kidney transplant, there are literally hundreds in our area who are waiting for one. You can make a difference by making your donation wishes known to someone you love.